AS215084 - Personal ASN Network

AS215084 is a private network non-profit experimental IPv6/BGP project and as a hobby.
Based in Indonesia, Peering Content : Akamai | Meta | Cloudflare | Google Cloud

Network AS215084 illustrated by


Peering Policy AS215084 

AS215084 as an open peering policy with a few simple requirements.
Requirements :
  • publicly routable and visible unique asn
  • network router capable of running bgp
  • complete, updated, and accurate peeringdb profile
  • noc contact provided at the time of session establishment
  • peering partner must adhere to the technical requirements of each applicable internet exchange
  • only send traffic destined for prefixes announced by AS215084 or downstreams of AS215084
  • not point a default route at AS215084 or use static routes that were not authorized in writing
Additionally :
  • change our peering policy at any time

  • approve or deny a peering request at any time for any reason

  • withdraw prefixes from sessions without prior notice

  • terminate any peering at any time without prior notice


few things that i will need to investigate abuse are:

  • time and date of incindent

  • the ip address the abuse came from

  • what type of abuse (brute force, botnet, etc)

  • organization affected

report abuse please reach out with the contact email on peeringdb


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